Priyanka Just Subtly Responded to Rumors She & Nick Broke Up 3 Years After Their

After she removed his last name from her Instagram bio, fans have wondered: Did Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas get a divorce? Well, she just had a subtle but clear response.

Priyanka and Nick married on December 1, 2018, in a three-day wedding in India that cost an estimated $800,00, according to E! News. In an interview with the Sunday Times in 2019, Priyanka defended her choice to share her wedding on her Instagram. “If I wasn’t a famous person and I’d just got married, don’t you think my Insta would have photos of me and my husband?” she said at the time. “Just because I’m famous, don’t I have the ability to be proud of being a newlywed without people saying that I’m using my marriage? I gave up my right to privacy when I became a public person, it’s the deal you make with the devil. But trust me, there are lots of things I still keep personal.”

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Priyanka also explained her decision to have multiple weddings at the Women in the World Summit in 2019. “I knew that both of us wanted one wedding in each of our religions, so that was two days anyway. But it all happened so fast. We decided to prep this wedding in October, and we got married first of December,” she said at the time. “We saw videos, and then the bill. And we were like, ‘Oh, cool, cool, cool. Maybe we should have prepared this a little bit more.’ So that’s why it was that glorious. We weren’t prepared.”

So did Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas get divorced? Read on for her response to the rumors and why fans think they may have broken up.

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Image: Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP.

Image: Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP.

Are Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas divorcing?

So…are Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas divorcing? The answer is no. Priyanka shut down rumors that she and Nick had split in an Instagram comment on November 22, 2021, on a video of her husband working out. The black-and-white video—which Nick captioned, “Monday motivation. Let’s get it. 💪🏼”—showed him doing bicep curls in a black tank top, shorts and compression leggings. “Damn! I just died in your arms… 😍 🥵 ❤️,” Priyanka commented on the video.

The response came after rumors that Priyanka and Nick had broken up after she removed “Jonas” from her name in her Instagram bio, which reads now as just “Priyanka.” “Priyanka removed jonas from her name on ig. are you guys thinking what im thinking? Face with raised eyebrow,” wrote Twitter user @dumbbrowniee. Twitter user @k__d13, wrote, “BYE PRIYANKA CHOPRA REMOVED JONAS FROM HER INSTAGRAM BIO.”

“Okay, so not my kind of tweet, but @priyankachopra removed Jonas from her name!? Is the fairytale coming to an end? I am no fan-girl of celeb couples but kinda liked em together…” wrote Twitter user @SengarSarthak.

While some fans thought that Priyanka’s Instagram bio change was a clue that she and Nick were divorcing, others argued that Priyanka—who also removed her last name, “Chopra,” from her Instagram bio—was simply re-branding herself as a mononymous celebrity.”Some of u are literal Clown face &it ain’t cute or respectful to Priyanka. Also, she got rid of…

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